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Home Remedies for Ear Ache

Home Remedies for Ear Ache

Home Remedies for Ear Ache Home Remedies for Ear Ache Home Remedies for Ear Ache Home Remedies for Ear Ache

Home Remedies for Ear Ache

Ear Ache can be a very painful, which no one can bear it.  The major causes of ear ache are common cold, loud sounds, an ear infection, block in nasal and physical damage into the ear.  Untreatable ear infection leads to hair loss, sometimes it reflects a problem in another part of the body.  The major ear infections symptoms are hair loss, trouble hearing, trouble sleeping, fever, ear pain, vomiting and loss of appetite.  Thankfully, there are many home remedies for ear ache that we provided here for you,

List of Home Remedies for Ear Ache

1Olive Oil:

Put 3 – 4 drops of olive oil into the ear canal.  You can also dip the cotton bud in the olive oil and put it into the ear.


In a piece of clean cloth, crush a fresh onion and wrap it tightly.  Hold it on the ear about 10 – 15 minutes.


Fry the garlic in 2 tsp of sesame oil.  Filter the oil and put 2 – 3 drops of warm garlic oil into the ear.

4Ear Drops:

Use ear drops, put about 3 – 4 drops into the canal.


Take vitamins A on daily basis.  It is an antioxidant that helps to improve your symptoms.

6Fish Oil:

Put about 3 – 4 drops of fish oil into my ears.  You will feel the difference.


Cut potato into half and heat it.  Apply vicks vapor rub on it and hold it on to the ear.

8Mango Leaves:

Extract juice from mango leaves and put 3 – 4 drops into the ear canal.

9Castor Oil:

Put 2 -3 drops of warm castor oil into an infected ear and put cotton bud firmly in the ear.


Add apple vinegar in rubbing alcohol.  Use it as an ear drop.  The procedure must be followed at least 3 times a day.


Heat a pot of water, put a handful of herbs and trap the steam to get instant relief.

12Vicks Vapor Rub:

Apply Vicks vapor rub gently on the outside of your ear.  It works.

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