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Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes:

home remedies for diabetes home remedies for diabetes Home Remedies for Diabetes home remedies for diabetes


Diabetes is a form of metabolic disorders which affects the body’s ability.  The worst fact is, it could also affect the body too.  If no treatment taken properly, then it may lead to kidney disease, blindness, heart disease, nerve damage, high blood pressure and coma.  There are also a better home remedies for diabetes and homeopathic medicine, which cures the people in better way without any cost.


Tulsi helps the beta cells to function properly.  It simply helps to increase the sensitivity to insulin.  Take 10 leaves in the empty stomach in the morning every day.

Green Tea:

A special treatment for diabetes is green tea.  Taking green tea helps to control the sugar.

Bitter Gourd:

Extract the boiled juice from the bitter gourd.  Take 1 glass of juice in the empty stomach.  Repeat it on daily basis.


Guava manages the blood glucose level that contains fiber and vitamin C.  Intake of 1 guava fruit daily is suggested for diabetes.

Aloe Vera:

Take out the gel of aloe vera and mix it with water of boiled rice.  This is the best remedy for diabetes.


Take a boiled juice of gooseberry in the empty stomach in the morning.

Olive Oil:

It is more essential to use olive oil in the food which helps to reduce the cholesterol.

Mango Leaf:

Grind the leaf with water and take juice from it.  Take 1 glass of mango leaf juice weekly twice.


An effective treatment for diabetes is pomegranate.  Take 1 fruit in the early morning.  It helps to improve the health of heart.


Intake of avacados helps to control the Blood Sugar Level.  It is rich in vitamin A, B and E and contains high antioxidant level.


Bilberry is the traditional remedy for diabetes.  It is very effective in regulating blood sugar and managing diabetes.

Drumstick (Moringa) Leaves:

Add drumstick leaves in food.  Or it is better to take moringa soup that helps to boost the body energy.


Take 1 glass of neem leaf juice weekly twice.  It enhances insulin and improves blood circulation.

Soya Bean:

Add soya bean in food.  Soya beam is also one of the good remedy to control the blood sugar level.

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