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Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Alcoholism home remedies for alcoholism Home Remedies for Alcoholism Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic progressive disease comes when intake of excessive alcohol.  An alcoholic never realize what harm he is causing for.  Having alcohol damages the liver, causes digestive disorders as well as it affects the brain cells.  Excessive drinking can cause heart also.  Many crave to drink alcohol whenever they feel.  You don’t want to wait for time to stop, here you have got some Natural Home Remedies for Alcoholism to get instant solution.

List of Home Remedies for Alcoholism

1Bitter Gourd:

Bitter Gourd is effective in treating alcoholism.  Take 1 glass of bitter gourd leaf juice.  Or take boiled bitter gourd water on the empty stomach in every morning.


Carrot reduces the amount of consuming the alcohol.  Take 1 glass of carrot juice daily.


Lemon is the effective medicine for all the diseases.  As well, it is a good treatment for alcoholism.  Take 1 glass of lemon juice with salt daily.


It has found beneficial in treating anemia.  Take 1 – 2 bananas daily to reduce the consumption of alcohol.


Whenever the person feel to take alcohol can take raisin.  Take 20 – 30 raisins per day to forget alcohol as soon as possible.


Dates stop feeling about the alcohol.  It is rich in iron.  Soak 4 – 5 dates in a glass of water and drink the water.


Apple has the power to eliminate the toxins from the body.  Also it is strengthen the brain as well as heart.  Apple a day keeps a doctor away.


Here Grapes is the ideal treatment for alcohol.  It contains the purest form of alcohol.  So intake of more grapes makes a person not to feel about it.


Vegetables and mainly green vegetables are really giving a healthy life to the person.  Taking vegetable salad or a juice makes a person to get away from alcohol.

10Carom Seeds:

Whenever you get craving of alcohol, boil the carom seeds in the water and filter it.  Take 3 – 4 Tsp while getting craving.


Having Candies or snacks for a long time, it helps not to get feel about the alcohol.


Take 1 orange daily.  Or taking 1 glass or orange juice is the good treatment for alcoholism.

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