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Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of sesame seeds and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of sesame seeds Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of sesame seeds and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of sesame seeds

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds Nutrition Facts:

Sesame seeds are the edible seeds / oil which is one of the old condiments.  The sesame seeds are native to Indian sub-continent.  The growth of sesame seeds will be in the rainy season and increases the harvesting.  The top producers of sesame seeds are Burma, India, china, Ethiopia and Somalia.  Sesame Seeds Nutrition Facts:  Sesame seed contains the large amount of copper, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin and fiber.  Here provided health benefits of sesame seeds.

Health Benefits of sesame Seeds:

There are number of diseases which we need to be more cautious.   Here are some tips to treat the disease.


The rich assortment of copper in the sesame seed cures the inflammation disease.


Calcium is rich in sesame seeds that prevent the colon cells from the cancer.

3Dental Plaque:

Sesame seeds / oil has been used for a long years in the Indian medical tradition which is known for ayurveda process called ‘Oil Pulling’.  It keeps gums and teeth stronger.


Magnesium in the sesame seeds improve the plasma glucose and prevent diabetes.

5Eye Health:

Black sesame seeds are good for eye where the Chinese medicine proved.

6Healthy Hair:

Sesame oil is more beneficiary for the hair.  Gently apply on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes to get healthy hair.

7Hormone Production:

The high amount of minerals in sesame seeds helps in hormone production and red blood cells production.

8Lower cholesterol:

Oleic acid in sesame seeds help to reduce the bad cholesterol and increases the good HDL cholesterol.

9Migraine Attack:

Adding sesame seeds / sesame oil into your food helps in reduce the risk of suffering in migraine attacks.

10Neural Tube Defects:

Folic acid in the sesame seed are essential for DNA synthesis and prevent neural tube defects in the baby.

11Respiratory Health:

Magnesium is rich in sesame seeds which prevent the heart health and lowers the blood pressure as well.

12Skin Protection:

Gently apply the sesame oil on the face and leave it for 15 minutes and remove all the dust particles and make you so soft and reduce wrinkles.

Sesame Seeds Cautions:

There are very few cautions of sesame seeds which you need to be aware of,


The most important thing that we need to know that sesame oil lead to an allergy and nasal infection.  It is better to have doctor’s recommendation before using it.

2Systemic Reactions:

Having the excess of sesame seeds may lead to lip and eyelid swelling, nasal itching, wheezing and cough.

Sesame seed was the base for making exotic perfume.  The seeds have been a source of food and oil and with all the other sesame seeds nutrition facts diseases will be treated.  Try following the health benefits of sesame seeds in the right way with doctor’s recommendation.  Sesame seed has also been found to protect liver.

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