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Health Benefits of Hazelnuts and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of hazelnuts Health Benefits of Hazelnuts and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Hazelnuts and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts Nutrition Facts:

Hazelnuts may also botanically called as ‘Cobnut’ or ‘Fiber nut’.  The commercial qualities of hazelnuts produced in Turkey, Italy, Georgia and Greece.  The top most producers of hazelnuts in the world is turkey.  Hazelnuts Nutrition Facts: Hazelnuts contains protein, unsaturated fat, energy, carbohydrates, vitamins and other constituents like water.  Usually Hazelnuts are harvested in mid autumn annually.  The health benefits of hazelnuts played a significant role in human being with the consumptions of protein, fat, mineral and vitamins.  Here are some,

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts:

1Birth Defects:

The risk of neural tube birth and the depression will be reduced with the folate content contained in hazelnuts.

2Blood Clotting:

It reduces the risk of blood clotting with the help of astringent flavor elements.

3Boosts Memory:

Vitamin B in the hazelnuts helps to improve the necessary production of neurotransmitters and increases memory.


Hazelnuts contain vitamin E which has the ability to cut the risk of cancer.

5Healthy Blood Cells:

Vitamin B and vitamin B9 helps in building up a healthy red blood cell.

6Healthy Heart:

Consume 4 – 5 hazelnuts per day which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

7Lower Cholesterol:

Having the high amount of oleic acid in hazelnuts, it helps to lower the cholesterol.


The higher magnesium levels increases the strength of muscles.

9Skin Health:

It is proven that vitamin E can protect the skin from the ultra violet radiation.

10Strong Beer:

Magnesium is basically rich in hazelnuts.  It plays a vital role in body and keeps bone and joint strong.

11Urinary Infections:

The highest proanthocyanidin content in hazelnuts helps in curing urinary infections.

Hazelnuts Cautions:

Also there are some cautions of hazelnuts which we need to be aware of it.  Here are some,


People who had allergy to Brazil nuts, peanuts might also be allergy to hazelnuts.

2Breathe Problem:

Taking too much of hazelnuts may leads to breathing problem.

People can use the hazelnuts oil as the substitute to the regular floor.  It can also be used as the cooking oil with the hazelnuts nutrition facts.  The health benefits of hazelnuts like preventing cancer, skin prevention strengthen the muscles and more can be done by having hazelnuts.

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