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Health Benefits of Ginger and nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger health benefits of ginger Health Benefits of Ginger and nutrition facts Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger Nutrition Facts:

As you know ginger is liberally used in daily life.  With this daily used product you can see number of Ayurveda treatments in it.  The botanical name of Ginger is Zingiber Officinale.  The top producers of Ginger are Southern China, Asia, West Africa and Caribbean.  Ginger Nutrition Facts:  Ginger contains Vitamins, Protein, Calcium, Iron and potassium.  Ginger has the ability to treat any number of diseases like common cold, flu, morning sickness and many more.  Here provided Health Benefits of Ginger and its uses to know some good things about ginger.

Health Benefits of Ginger:

Check these benefits with Ginger which will be there in your kitchen daily and live a healthy life.  Here are some,


Ginger may assist in getting rid of Asthma.  In the early morning taking ginger with the warm water with some mint leaves cure the Asthma.

2Blood Circulation:

You can take ginger tea which can improve the blood circulation and decrease the chance of getting cardiovascular problem.

3Cancer Cells:

Intake of ginger juice in the early morning may inhibit the production of cancer cells.


To reduce the LDL cholesterol and to increase the good cholesterol, add ginger to your diet.


Sometimes people may feel dizziness in the early morning.  To avoid that, take ginger / lemon juice with a pinch of salt.

6Gastrointestinal Relief:

Intake of ginger assists in reducing the gas in the body and gives some relaxation and energy.

7Menstrual Discomfort:

Apply ginger oil on the painful area can relax the muscles and relieve the body pain.

8Morning Sickness:

Ginger prevents us from morning sickness, motion sickness and from seasickness.


It is an effective relief for nausea, vomiting especially for pregnant women with a small dose of ginger.

10Respiratory Problem:

People, who are suffering from common respiratory problem like common cold and flu, can take ginger with the food.

11Weight Loss:

In the early morning, take ginger juice & 1 tsp of honey mixed with warm water to reduce unnecessary fat in body.

Side Effects of Ginger:
Side Effects of Ginger:

There are also some Side Effects of Ginger which you need to be aware of it.  Here are some,

1Allergy Reaction:

Intake of ginger in large amount may leads to allergic reaction.  Better not to take ginger in large amount.

2Pregnant Women:

It is good not to take ginger too much during pregnancy.

Ginger herb is really a great treatment for all the other diseases.  The health benefits of ginger given above with their nutritional profile.  And the ginger nutrition facts are presented in it in a very good amount which can treat the diseases.  Ginger juice in the early morning is highly recommended by researchers to have a young and long life.

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