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Health Benefits of Dill weed and its Nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Dill weed

Dill weed Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Dill weed and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of dill weed Health Benefits of Dill weed and its Nutrition facts Health Benefits of Dill weed and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Dill weed

The botanical name of Dill weed is ‘Anethum Graveolens’.  Dill weed is native to Southern Russia, Mediterranean region ad Western Africa.  Dill weed Nutrition Facts: Dill weed contains protein, carbojudrates, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, mineral and phosphorus.  The top producers of dill weed are Russia, Ukraine and Poland.  Dill weed is a unique perennial herb which is packed with many nutritional benefits.  To flourish, it requires warm summer climates with well – drained fertile soil.  Dill weed is one of the most valuable functional foods, which can treat any number of diseases.

Health Benefits of Dill weed:

Here provided some health benefits of Dill weed which can cure large number of diseases.


Vitamin A is high in dill weed, which is required for maintaining healthy mucus.  It helps to protect the human body from cancer.


Vitamin C in the dill weed develops the resistance against the infections and inflammatory free radicals.

3Blood Pressure:

Potassium is one of the important components of the cell which helps to control heart rate and maintains blood pressure level.


Adding dill weed to the food lowers the bad cholesterol level and simultaneously increases the good cholesterol level.


Boil the dill weed in a glass of water.  Take it in the early morning to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

6Menstrual Cycle:

During menstrual cycle, add dill weed to the food, which helps to get a good relief from the pain.


Dill weed helps to inhibit the acid secretion and simultaneously develops the stomach lesions.

8Free Radicals:

The anti-oxidized molecules damage the body and having dill weed make some protection against the free radicals.

9Urinary Tract Problem:

Taking the juice of dill weed may reduce the risk of getting urinary infections.

10Sleep Disorder:

With the content of mineral and calcium, the dill weed helps to reduce the risk of sleep disorder.

11Liver Problem:

As said before, dill weed juice in the early morning helps in curing the liver diseases.

12Sore Mouth:

Taking dill weed juice in the early morning helps to get relief from sore mouth and to get rid of foul smell.

Side Effects of Dill weed:

It has also some Side Effects of Dill weed which we need to be more aware of it,


It is better if people take it in limited amount.  Sometimes, it may also lead to allergy.  It is safer to use it after doctor’s recommendation.

2Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women and the breast feeding women should not use the dill weed where it creates infections.

Dill weed is important plant that is derived from chemical compounds.  It is known to prevent human from disease with number of Dill weed Nutrition Facts.  It’s a good source of manganese, calcium and iron with provided Health Benefits of Dill weed which it helps to treat all type of diseases.

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