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Health Benefits of Dandelion and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Dandelion:

Dandelion Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Dandelion and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of dandelion Health Benefits of Dandelion and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Dandelion and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Dandelion

The botanical name of dandelion is Taraxacum.  Dandelion is the herbal root which has been largely used in the many continents and countries like India.  Dandelion is native to Europe.  The top most producer of the dandelion herbals are India, France and Europe.  Dandelion Nutrition Facts: Dandelion contains an excellent source like Iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin and as such mineral and calcium.  Dandelion helps in more treatment with the content of the given nutritional profiles.  The treatments that are succeed by the dandelion herbal roots and its uses are provided. Below provided some Health Benefits of Dandelion.

Health Benefits of Dandelion:

With an excellent content dandelion can treat the incurable diseases.  Try following up these benefits to get a healthy life,

1Bone Health:

Dandelion is rich in calcium and mineral which are essential to strengthen the bones.


Glucose polymer and lentinan in dandelion helps to fight against the cancer cells and viral infections.


Dandelion helps to lowers the bad cholesterol and to increase the good cholesterol.


Dandelion regulates the blood sugar level and insulin level as well it treat diabetes.

5Healthy Vision:

Vitamin A in dandelion herbal plays an important role for eye health and also supports the immune system.

6Immune System:

Dandelion fights the microbes and fungi and simultaneously it boosts the immune system.


Dandelion has the essential fatty acids like phytonutrients which can reduce the inflammation.

8Kidney Disease:

An excellent source of diuretic presented in the dandelion which helps to clear out the waste, salt and excess water in the urinary system.

9Liver Disease:

Intake of dandelion helps to remove the toxins and reestablishes the hydration and electrolyte balance and parallel it improves the healthy liver function.

10Nervous System:

Vitamin C and calcium supports the nerve cell communication and contributes the nervous system function.

Side Effects of Dandelion:

You should also know about Dandelion Side Effects than the health benefits to get rid from the diseases.  Here are some,

1Allergy Reaction:

When excessive dandelion taken, it may leads to allergy.  It is better to get doctor’s recommendation.

2Pregnancy Woman:

During pregnancy and breast feeding, it is good to avoid dandelion herbs.

It is an excellent Dandelion Nutrition Facts which can cure an untreatable disease.  These nutrition facts can be used as Dandelion Health Benefits that are provided above.  Diseases like blood disorder, skin problem, scurvy and anemia can be treated.  You can also seek benefits through dandelion oil, dandelion herb and capsules to get healthy life.

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