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Health Benefits of Chives and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Chives:

Chives Nutritional Facts:

Health Benefits of Chives and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of chives Health Benefits of Chives and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Chives and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Chives

The botanical name of chives is Allium Schoenoprasum.  The top producers of chives are Europe, Asia and North America.  Anywhere you see, chives can be found in grocery stores which the herbs can be cooked.  Chives Nutrition Facts: Chives herb contains energy, carbohydrates, vitamin, fat, protein, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc.  The medical properties are as varied as Chives Health Benefits.  Here provided some  Health Benefits of Chives and explained with their nutritional profile.

Health Benefits of Chives:

The good source of the chives cures the untreatable disease and makes the healthy life.  Here are some,

1Blood Circulation:

Chives substances help to prevent the blood clots and improve the blood circulation by preventing the blood vessels.

2Breast Cancer:

Enzymes content in the chives helps to reduce the inhibition of breast cancer cells.


Chives help to reduce the inhibition of cancer growth and also it prevents free radicals formation.

4Cardiovascular Benefits:

Allicin content is high in chives that are known to lower the LDL cholesterol and simultaneously increase the HDL cholesterol.

5Common cold:

The chives have the good content of vitamin C which can cure the cold and sore throat.

6High Blood Pressure:

Intake of chives, it helps to block the platelet clot formation and lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke.


Chives offer more nutrients food which can cause intense digestive problem.


The fiber content in chives helps to clean the antioxidant and inflammation diseases.

9Hair Loss:

Squeeze the chive juice directly onto your scalp and massage it into the roots.  Wash out your hairs after 30 – 60 minutes with shampoo.

10Heal Wound:

The vitamin content in chives improves the elasticity of blood vessels and skin and heals the wound quickly as possible.

11Prevent Neural Tube:

During pregnancy, chive helps to prevent neural tube defects in the new born babies.

12Strengthen Bones:

The rich sources of vitamin, calcium and mineral in chives help to prevent bone demineralization.

13Skin Care:

An excellent source of beta – carotene clear out the acne and scars and hence it is good for radiant skin.

Side Effects of Chives:

Here also provided some Chives Side Effects which we need to be aware of,

1Pregnancy Women:

Try to avoid taking chives during pregnancy time; it may affect the uterus contract.


Sometime all herbal things including chives create an allergy reaction.

It scapes are rich in various Chives Nutrition Facts.  Chives are a herbal medicinal plants which has an excellent sources.  Above explained Chives Health Benefits with its uses ad benefits.  It is mainly beneficial for circulatory system and fights obesity and makes people to feel relaxed.

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