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Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of cashew nuts Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts and its Nutrition FactsThe botanical name of the cashew nuts is Anacardium Accidentale.  Cashew Nuts Nutrition Facts: Cashew Nuts are the seed of tropical evergreen planted, which will also produce cashew apple.  It simply contains the source of protein, zinc, iron, 15 grams of fat and niacin.  Most probably the cashew nuts will be produced and harvested in Brazil and South Africa.  Cashew nuts can also be used as Ayurveda medicine, which helps to cures out and the chronic diseases.  Here are some available health benefits of cashew nuts to make you live young and healthy,

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts:

Here are some health benefits of cashew nuts that are delicately flavored and found in your local market to cure your diseases and to keep you healthy,


Cashew nuts are rich in calories, fiber, vitamins & mineral which help in promoting health from diseases and cancer.


Cashew nuts are low in fatty acid and palmitoleic acid which help to lower the cholesterol from the body and prevents the heart from diseases.

3Weak Bones:

For weak bones having 2 – 3 nuts per day keeps the body strong and healthier.

4Weight Gain:

Maintain the level of body by eating cashew nuts daily.  It may also help in reducing the risk of wait.

5Healthy Heart:

Cashew nuts contain low fat and cholesterol free that keeps you away from heart diseases.

6Healthy Nerves:

Magnesium in cashew nuts will be observed on the bone surface which prevents the nerves cells from calcium.

7Gums & Teeth:

Crunching magnesium contained nuts help to keep strong teeth and gums.

8Peaceful Sleep:

Cashew nut puts you in a peace sleep also in the period of menopause.


Nuts help in growth and development of body.  And it is good in digesting the food.

Cashew Nuts Cautions:

Also cashew nuts cautions are there which people need to be aware of it.  Here are some,


Cashew nuts are probable in hyper sensitive condition among people, especially in children.

2Itching Skin:

Sometimes cashew nut may leads to itching, breathing problem, vomiting & diarrhea.  Having such nuts with doctor’s recommendation is better for healthy life.

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