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Health Benefits of Canola Oil and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Canola Oil:

Canola Oil Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Canola Oil and its nutrition facts health benefits of canola oil Health Benefits of Canola Oil and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Canola Oil and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Canola Oil

Canola oil is one of the best edible oil from the crushed seed of the canola oil is unsaturated fat which helps to protect body from lower blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol that are given in Health Benefits of Canola Oil.  Canola Oil is made from the rapeseed plant which is the part of mustard family.  Canola Oil Nutrition Facts:  Canola oil contains oleic acid, transfat, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and saturated fatty acid.  The top producers of the canola oil are North central and south eastern united states.

Health Benefits of Canola Oil:

With its good sources and unique nutritional profile, some health benefits are provided.  Here are as follows.

1Cardiovascular Disease:

Canola oil is good for heart.  With its nutritional profile of omega fatty acid, it helps to promote cardiovascular function.


Canola oil is cholesterol free.  As usual it lowers the LDL cholesterol and parallel it increases the HDL cholesterol and regulates the blood sugar level.


Gently massage the oil onto your scalp.  After 15 – 20 minutes wash your hair with lukewarm water to get rid from lukewarm.

4Frizzy Hair:

Make a spray with canola oil and some water.  Spray the mixture on your hair before stepping outside.  It retains moisture in your tresses.

5Hair Fall:

Applying canola oil mixed with rosemary oil, prevents hair fall and boost hair growth.

6Heart Diseases:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which protects your body’s fat and protein from free radical damage and fight against heart diseases.


Canola oil has the ability to reduce the inflammation due to bowel disorder and asthma.

8Memory Loss:

Again vitamin E content is rich in canola oil that can boost up memory power and stimulates the brain function.

9Skin Care:

Canola oil is rich in vitamin E and vitamin K.  Applying canola oil in the skin, it makes supple and glowing on skin.

10Skin Infections:

The fatty acids in the canola oil soothe the dry and irritated skin.

Side Effects of Canola Oil:

There are also some Canola Oil Side Effects which people need to be more aware of it,

1Cheapest Oil:

Check the ingredients before you use.  It is the cheapest oil and the Canadian government subsidized it to industrial use.

2Excess intake:

Canola oil has a very high amount of omega – 6 fatty acid which may lead to cardio / obesity and non insulin diabetes.

3Industrial oil:

It is said that canola is the industrial oil used to make soap into and fuel.  It is good to use it in good amount.

Canola oil is the third most consumed vegetable oil in the world.  It has bitter compounds which make the oil taste bad.  With the content of Canola Oil Nutrition Facts, it helps in curing many diseases.  It is given with Health Benefits of Canola Oil with number of nutritional profiles.  Canola oil can be used as soaps, candles and lipstick, lubricant, fuel and ink.  This oil can be used in many good ways in human life.

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