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Health Benefits of Butter and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Butter:

Butter Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Butter and its nutrition facts health benefits of butter Health Benefits of Butter and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Butter and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Butter

Butter is the delicious dairy product made by churning the fresh milk, which can be manufactured from the milk of mammals animals like cow, sheep, buffalo and goat.  Butter has the good content of butter fat, protein, milk and water.  Butter Nutrition Facts:  Butter contains excellent sources like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K2, fat soluble vitamin and protein which can cure untreatable diseases.  Most probably, butter is being used in Africa and Ghee has also been the staple food and used for ceremonial purpose.  Here provided Health Benefits of Butter  with the number of its own nutritional profile.

Health Benefits of Butter:

It has its unique nutritional profile, which can cure number of diseases.  Here are some,


With the great source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), butter provides the protection against cancer.

2Cardiovascular Diseases:

Vitamin K2 and calcium metabolism content in butter can have the powerful effect on health and promotes the cardiovascular health.


Of course, human bodies need some cholesterol, intake of butter creates the good cholesterol and also it regulates and controls the cholesterol level.

4Eye Health:

Vitamin A is rich in butter which can promote clear and healthy vision.

5Gastrointestinal Infections:

Again the fatty acid works with the specific function to protect the stomach against the gastrointestinal infections.

6Heart Attack:

Butter has the ability to reduce the risk of getting certain heart attack diseases.

7Immune System:

Fatty acid contained in good amount in butter which can support the immune system and boosts the metabolism.

8Nervous System:

Vitamin C content in the butter improves and boosts up the nervous system and the brain function as well.

9Weight Gain:

Butter supplementation prevents the weight gain on an unhealthy diet.

Side Effects of Butter:

It also has some Butter Side Effects and warning which is better to know about it,

1Salter Butter:

Of course, it is good to avoid salted butter; it may create bad cholesterol in human body.


It is highly saturated fat which can also increases the inflammation level in the body.

3Weight Gain:

Eating too much of butter triggers out the fat storage and it is tough to keep the healthy weight.

The small amount of butter is fine to healthy body.  With the body content of Butter Nutrition Facts like vitamin A, vitamin C promotes the good healthy vision.  Also above provided Butter Health Benefits which show the good way for healthy life with this comfort food.  It can definitely provide benefits to our body if it is taken in measured amount.

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