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Health Benefits of Burdock Root and its Nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Burdock Root:

Burdock Root Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Burdock Root and its Nutrition facts health benefits of burdock root Health Benefits of Burdock Root and its Nutrition facts Health Benefits of Burdock Root and its Nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Burdock Root

Burdock root may also botanically known as Arcticum.  Burdock is an edible food which can also be cooked or raw food.  The top producer of burdock roots is China and Europe.  Burdock Root Nutrition Fact: Burdock root contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin and mineral.  People use burdock roots to brush their teeth.  This herb helps to regulate inflammatory response and promote immune system.  Here provided number of Health Benefits of Burdock Root which can treat all your diseases and keep you away from diseases.

Health Benefits of Burdock Root:

Here provided the burdock roots uses which are explained with its nutritional facts and here are some,

1Blood through Urine:

Of course, this disease makes people to feel inferior and so the burdock root helps in curing this disease with the content of diuretic principle.


There are enough nutrition facts like riboflavin, vitamin E, Vitamin C and minerals which can easily treat the cancer disease.


Most probably, Chinese uses this traditional medicine of burdock herbs to treat cold and sore throats.

4Control Heart Rate:

The good amount of electrolyte potassium in burdock root helps in controlling the heart rate and blood pressure.


Adding more burdock leaves to the food helps to digest it as soon as possible.

6Lower Cholesterol:

Burdock root has an excellent source of inulin which is as a prenotic and helps to reduce blood sugar level in the body and it simply increases the HDL cholesterol.

7Neurologic Condition:

Burdock root contains powerful natural antioxidant that helps in curing out the neurological diseases.

8Protects Liver:

The nutrition in burdock root helps in preventing the liver damage caused by alcohol use.

9Throat Problem:

Burdock seeds cure the throat problem as well as chest ailment and make you to feel relaxed.

Side Effects of Burdock Roots:

Here provided some Burdock Roots Side Effects which people need to know about it,

1Fetus Damage:

Pregnant women should avoid taking burdock roots which can damage the fetus.


Intake of burdock roots may leads to swollen, skin diseases and also the symptoms of dermatitis.  It is better to use it with the doctor’s recommendation.

Burdock root is perennial and sometimes its seed is also widely used as herbal medicine to support the healthy life.  Burdock Root Nutrition Facts contained an excellent source like calcium, vitamin, phosphorus and mineral which can cure all type of diseases as well, where it has its unique nutritional profile.  In addition to that Burdock Root Health Benefits are provided for people to known about the burdock roots nutritional facts and its uses.  Most probably Burdock root helps in improving the healthy liver function and simultaneously it improves the symptoms that are associated with hormonal imbalance.

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