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Health benefits of Borage and its Nutrition Facts

Health benefits of Borage

Borage Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Borage and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of borage Health benefits of Borage and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Borage and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Borage

The botanical name of Borage is ‘Borage Officinalis’.  It is an annual plant which is originally come from Aleppo.  Borage may also commonly know as Star Flower.  Borage Nutrition Facts: Borage herb contains vitamin, zinc, mineral, calcium, lactic acid and mucilage and many.  Also the Health Benefits of Borage are provided which has the ability to treat cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, prevent from inflammation and infections.  Borage oil is rich in gammalinolenic and linoleic acid that can treat menstrual problem.  Here are some health benefits,

Health Benefits of Borage:

Borage is used as a medicine for many diseases.  Here are some,


Borage is rich in fatty acids that help to relieve pain of arthritis.

2Boost Immunity:

Borage is rich in omega fatty acid promotes healthy skin and boosts immunity.

3Breast Cancer:

As Borage is rich in omega – 6 fatty acid, it has the ability to cure breast cancer with this excellent source.


Niacin and nicotinic acid work against the stress and anxiety.


It helps to relieve stomach ache and promotes digestion.

6Health Lision:

The good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C helps in curing the eye sight disease.


Borage helps to borage helps to improve the growth of nail and hair.  It improves the appearance.

8Lowers Cholesterol Level:

Niacin is rich in borage herbs, it is one of an excellent source to lower the LDL cholesterol level and higher the HDL cholesterol level.

9Macular Degeneration:

The lack of fatty acid causes macular degeneration.  Intake of borage helps to prevent body from macular degeneration.

Side Effects of Borage:

Here provided some borage side effects which help people to make some awareness,

1Bleeding Disorder:

Taking borage may prolong bleeding time and increase the bleeding, if you have bleeding disorder.

2Liver disease:

Its better not to take borage during pregnancy period.  It may lead to liver disease.


Intake of many borage leads to nausea, headache, bloating and cramping.

Borage Nutrition Facts helps to reduce itch and dryness.  The borage health benefits show the good herbal supplement for women.  It is the traditional medicine which is used to treat hyperactive gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory.  The top producer of borage is Europe.  Borage can treat any type of diseases and keeps your healthier.

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