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Health Benefits of Bay Leaf and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf:

Bay Leaf Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf and its nutrition facts Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Health Benefits of Bay Leaf and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Bay Leaf and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

The botanical name of bay leaf is ‘Laurel Leaf’ or ‘Bay Leaf’.  Bay leaf is the aromatic herb which comes from evergreen bay Laurel tree.  Bay leaf is native to Greeks and Romans.  Bay leaves are pungent with sharp and bitter taste with many spices and many flavorings.  The fragrance of the bay leaf is noticeable than its taste.  Bay Leaf Nutrition Facts: Bay leaf contains saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.  Also provided, Health Benefits of Bay Leaf with its nutrition facts explained below.

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf:

Here provided some health benefits of bay leaf which cure any number of diseases.

1Cancer Prevention:

Phytonutrients and caffeic acid is rich in bay leaf can help to treat the cancer and helps to get instant energy.


Add the bay leaf into your food which can lowers the LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol.


Applying bay leaf in the scalp and leaving it for 15 minutes can cure the dandruff problem.


Bay leaf can lowers the plasma glucose level and inhibit the risk of diabetes.


Bay leaf helps to promote sweating, where there is no sweating.


Enzymes content in bay leaf can reduce the risk of getting flatulence problem.

7Heart Diseases:

Phytonutrients in the bay leaf can treat the heart disease and improve the heart function.

8High Blood Sugar:

Bay leaf can regulate & control the high blood sugar level and helps to reduce it.

9Immune System:

The good source of linalool can promote and boost up the healthy immune system.


The content of protein is rich in bay leaf which can promote healthy digestion.

11Joint Pain:

Apply bay leaf oil in the painful area; it helps to get an instant relief.

12Nervous System:

Americans take bay leaf which is more essential to boost the brain function.

13Respiratory Problem:

Bay leaf has the ability to provide the great relief to respiratory and chest troubles such as cough, flu and chest infection.

Side Effects of Bay Leaf:

There are also some Bay Leaf Side Effects which people need to be aware of it,


Some sweet bay leaf may cause allergic rash.  To avoid this problem, try not to take bay leaf.


There is no enough scientific evidence recommended by doctors for bay leaf for use in children.

Bay leaf is one of the oldest spices which can add the flavor and aroma to the food and also to the healthy life with Bay Leaf Nutrition Facts.  Bay leaf has the combination of different ground spice in India.  Bay leaf is known for its myriad culinary and Bay Leaf Health Benefits.  Bay leaf is the one which promotes your health with its distinctive flavor and fragrance.

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