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Health Benefits of Basil Herbs and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Basil Herbs

Basil Herbs Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Basil Herbs and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of basil Health Benefits of Basil Herbs and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Basil Herbs and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Basil Herbs

The botanical name of basil is ‘Ocimum Basilicum’.  Most probably it may also called as ‘Tulsi’, which was held by the hindus to be sacred to all gods.  It is one of the members of the large mint family and widely used herbs in the world.  The top producers of the basil are India, China, Southeast Asia and New Guinea.  Basil is originally domesticated in India where the huge cultivation takes place since 5000 years.  Basil Herb Nutrition Facts: Basil contains vitamin e, Folate, Magnesium, Omega – 3 fats and Copper which helps to cure cold, cough, headache and all the other disease.  Here provided some Health Benefits of Basil which has been treated for many thousands of years all over the tropical area.

Health Benefits of Basil Herbs:

Here are some top medical uses of tulsi that is the holy herb in many traditions all around the world.


 Vitamin A is essential for vision and as well as it helps in protecting the body from lung diseases and cancers.

2Common Cold:

Extract the juice from the basil leaves; mix it with 1 glass of water and 2 tsp of coriander to cure the cold.


 Take a bunch of Basil leaves and boil it.  Take 1 glass of hot basil leaves water to cure the cough problem.


Fever like malaria, dengue and other widely spread disease can be treated by eating Basil Leaves.

5Improves Cardiovascular:

The complete vitamin a and magnesium in Basil leaves helps in protecting the cell from free radical damage.


Apply basil leaves oil on the skin helps to block the enzyme in the body and protect skin from inflammation.

7Kidney stone:

Intake of Basil leaves regularly for 6 months helps in strengthening the effect on kidney.

8Lower Blood Pressure:

The good mount of potassium, magnesium and copper in basil helps to lower the blood pressure.

9Mouth Infection:

Gently chew 4 – 5 Basil leaves to treat the ulcer and infections in the mouth.

10Strengthen Bone:

Vitamin E is rich in Basil a leaf which plays a vital role to strengthen the week bone.


 Basil leaves purities the blood and prevents the body from depression.

Side Effects of Basil Herbs:

There are also some Side Effects of Basil Herbs that people need to be aware of it.  Here are few,


Intake of inadequate basil leaves leads to dizziness and fainting.

2Uterine Contractions:

The breast feeding women / pregnant women should not take basil leaves seriously where it causes the contractions of the uterine.

Basil is one of the powerful herb with the fragrant aroma are great accouterment to any staffing recipes.  This herbal holistic remedies contained number of Basil Herb Nutrition Facts.  Above explained with number of Health Benefits of Basil which can treat all diseases at home itself.

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