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Health Benefits of Arugula and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Arugula:

Arugula Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Arugula and its nutrition facts health benefits of arugula Health Benefits of Arugula and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Arugula and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Arugula

The botanical name of ‘Eruca Sativa’.  And most probably, it is called as Eruca Sativa.  It is an annual edible plant from the brassicaceae family.  Arugula is also commonly known as Salad Rocket.  Arugula has its unique and surprising effect that you might not expect on other leafy green.  Arugula can also be added to the pizza to get an instant digestion with cheese.  Arugula Nutrition Facts: It contains cholesterol, sodium, potassium, mineral, vitamin and protein.  Arugula seeds are pressed to make the taramira oil or arugula oil for cooking.  Here provided some Health Benefits of Arugula with its nutritional profile.

Health Benefits of Arugula:

Here provided some Arugula health benefits which you get number of treatment from this,

1Cancer Cells:

The phytochemicals content are rich in arugula which inhibit the growth of cancer – cells.

2Cell Growth:

Folate helps to increase the cell growth by making new DNA which is more essential for cell growth.

3Bone Health:

Vitamin K is highly essential for the bb=one health and simultaneously it absorbs the calcium into the bone to strengthen it.

4Brain Function:

Vitamin B content is rich in arugula which lowers the folate and boost up the brain function.

5Free Radicals:

Vitamin K in the arugula helps to increase the free radicals to remove the death cells.


Omega – fatty acid in Arugula suppress the production of inflammation in the body.

7Improve Eye Sight:

Arugula helps you retina function properly to support your eye sight and help to maintain immune system.

8Liver Function:

Chlorophyll can help in preventing the DNA damage from aflatoxins.

9Muscular Degeneration:

Carotenoid content found in arugula which can control muscular degeneration and cancer.

10Neural Tube Defects:

Folic acid is highly found in arugula which can help in preventing neural tube defects in new born baby.

11Skin Care:

Vitamin A content is presented in arugula which can reduce the skin irritation and improve shiny and smooth skin.

12Weight Loss:

Containing number of nutrition facts with it, take 1 cup of arugula per day the early morning to lose weight.

Side Effects of Arugula:

There also some Arugula Side Effects which people need to be more aware of it.  Here are some warnings,


The symptoms like sore lips, facial swelling (Angioedema), tongue swelling and skin rash made due to excess use of arugula.

2Kidney Disease:

People, who suffer from kidney disease, try to avoid taking arugula leaves.

Pregnancy Women:

During pregnancy, women should take this in a limited amount.  Arugula leaves can be safely used during pregnancy.

Hence Arugula Health Benefits results in good presence with number of Arugula Nutrition Facts.  This green and leafy arugula vegetable is enriched with many nutrient facts which is grown in Mediterranean region with packed compound such as vitamin A, calcium and iron to promote a healthy life.

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