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Health Benefits of Artichokes and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Artichokes:

Artichokes Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Artichokes and its nutrition facts health benefits of artichokes Health Benefits of Artichokes and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Artichokes and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Artichokes

The botanical name of artichoke is ‘Cynara Scolymus’.  The edible portion of the plant consists of flower buds.  Artichoke is native to Mediterranean region.  Artichoke Nutrition Facts: Artichoke has its own nutrition facts such as polyunsaturated fats, sodium, potassium, protein, dietary fiber, protein and sugar.  Artichoke is used to cook.  Which has its own taste when artichoke is added with butter, vinegar, aioli and lemon juice, it will taste good with the number of nutritional facts. Health Benefits of Artichokes provided below with the number of profile to cure number of diseases.  It is a famous food in North Africa, Middle East, Turkey and America.

Health Benefits of Artichokes:

Here provided with some health benefits of artichoke which can cure untreatable diseases.

1Blood Pressure:

Potassium in artichoke helps to regulate the blood pressure by countering the effect of sodium.

2Cancer Prevention:

The powerful polyphenol-type antioxidants found in artichokes which help in preventing cancer.

3Cardiovascular Health:

The good amount of potassium found in artichokes which regulates normal heart rhythm.


Artichoke can reduce 18.5 % of bad cholesterol where simultaneously it helps in increasing the good cholesterol.

5Dyspeptic Problem:

Intake of artichoke treatment, people get an instant relief from nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea according to Langone Medical Centre.

6Free Radicals:

Vitamin C in the artichoke vegetables, this content helps in the formation of free radicals and protect the cells from damage.

7Immunity system:

Artichokes are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidant properties which help in boosting up the immunity system.


Cynarin is known to stimulate indigestion problem, it increase 20% of quality of life after treatment.

9Liver function:

Flavonoid Silymarin is a power compound which promotes healthy liver function.  As well as it helps to remove the toxins and digest fats.


Vitamin B – complex is rich in artichokes which are essential for optimum cellular metabolism.

11Strengthen Bone:

Protein and calcium supports muscles and the blood vessels.  Potassium content in the artichoke helps in strengthening the bone.

12Weight Loss:

Dietary fiber content helps in regulating the body weight.  As well as people should reduce taking meals.

Side Effects of Artichokes:

There are some Artichoke Side Effects and warning which people need to be more aware of it,

1Pregnancy Women:

As usual Artichoke supplement is should be taken by pregnancy women / nursing women.

2Kidney Diseases:

People with kidney disease should avoid taking artichoke in excess amount.

Most probably artichoke will be taken through food.  Artichokes Nutrition Facts such as potassium, sodium, protein and calcium helps to cure any number of diseases.  In fact many researches support Artichokes Health Benefits which can promote health life.  It is possible to get plenty and plenty of health and benefit from artichoke.

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