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Health Benefits of Apples and its Nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Apples

Apple Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Apples and its Nutrition facts health benefits of apples Health Benefits of Apples and its Nutrition facts  Health Benefits of Apples and its Nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Apples

Apple is the tasteful fruit and it has a fine fragrance.  Apple is the king of fruit.  The apple nutrition facts:  the science of the apple growing name is called pomology.  It is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits from central Asia.  The most apple cultivated countries in the world are Asia, Europe and North America.  The second leading producer of the apple is US with more than 6% of world production.  Throughout United States there are 2500 varieties of apples are grown.  The top varieties of apples are red, golden delicious, granny smith, Rome beauty, and new town pippin, York imperial and green apple.  Apple cures all type of disease.  There is an English say ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away’, as it said Apples are very good of health that are explained below in apple health benefits.  No other fruit has so many benefits as apples had.  Apple has vitamins and mineral and it is good one for digestion.  Here are some benefits and its facts are explained well below,

Health Benefits of Apples:

Follow up with effective tips for benefits of apples that are provided to cure all disease and helps to get relief in better way.  Here are some health benefits of apple,


At least, intake 5 apples a week to lower the risk for respiratory diseases like asthma.


High fibre in apple helps to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.


By lowering the insulin secretion, apple pectin helps in reducing the cholesterol level.


High fibre in apples helps to slow your bowels down.  It helps to cure constipation.


Apple is rich in fibre and it is a key to blunt and lower the sugar level.

6Heart Health:

An apple is rich in heart health which promotes the healthy heart.

7Kidney Stones:

Taking apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water, helps to cure the kidney disease.

8Skin Disease:

As doctor recommended, eat an apple daily that helps in curing out the skin diseases.

9Teeth Bacteria:

Biting & chewing an apple produces the saliva in your mouth.  That keeps the teeth stronger and healthier and lower the level of bacteria.

10Weak Immune System:

An antioxidant in apple boosts your immune system.

11Weight Loss:

An apple has only 50 – 80 calories and it has no sodium and fat.  Mainly it is a great source to reduce weight.

Apple Cautions:

There are also some cautions in taking apple which you should have to be aware before eating it.  Here are as follows,


Drinking too much of apple juice may leads to diarrhea.

2Throat Damage:

Excessive dosage of apple cider vinegar may damage the skin & throat.

3Weaken Tooth Enamel:

Apple cider vinegar is acidic; there is a change to damage the tooth enamel.

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