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Health Benefits of Anise Seeds and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Anise Seeds:

Anise Seeds Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of Anise Seeds and its nutrition facts health benefits of anise seeds Health Benefits of Anise Seeds and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Anise Seeds and its nutrition facts

Health Benefits of Anise Seeds

The botanical name of Anise Seed is ‘Pimpinella Anisum’.  Anise seeds are native to Egypt.  The feature of anise seed is delicately sweet with distinctive liquorices flavor.  The special fragrance in the seed is due to the essential oil and anethole in them.  Anise Seed Nutrition Facts: Anise seed contains crude fibre, starch, fatty oil, protein and moisture.  These contents are highly found in anise seeds. Health Benefits of Anise Seed explained you with nutritional profile which can cure cough, cold, menstruation, male menopause and many.

Health Benefits of Anise Seeds:

Here provided some health benefits which can cure the untreatable diseases.


As known, it is one of the dangerous diseases.  Chewing anise seed can give some relaxation.

2Breathe Problem:

Chew the anise seed when you feel difficult to breathe and get an instant refresh.


Mix 1 tsp of anise seeds in 1 glass of water to cure cough problem.

4Fungal Infections:

Anise seed has its own antifungal properties which can treat the fungal diseases and gives an instant relief.

5Heart Rate:

The nutrition like zinc, iron and manganese are rich in anise seeds that can regulate the heart rate.


Anise seed has the ability to cure the indigestion problem and helps in digestion foods.


Grind the anise seeds with fine paste.  Apply it on your hair and scalp.  Wash you hairs with shampoo after 15 – 20 minutes.


Apply the anise seeds paste on to your forehead to get an instant energy.

9Milk Production:

Anise seed aids nursing mothers with production of healthy milk.

10Nervous System:

Anise seed has the content of Thymol and Stigmasterol that can boost the nervous system and brain function.

11Red Blood Cells:

Copper content is highly found in anise seed which is essential to increase the production of red blood cells.

Sore Throat:

Intake of anise seed tea can cure the sore throat problem.  Gargling with anise seed can also be treated.

Side Effects of Anise Seeds:

There are also some Anise Seed Side Effects which is essential to be aware of,

1Allergy Reaction:

Taking too much of anise seeds may lead to vomiting, skin irritation and nausea.

2Breast Cancer:

Excess intake of anise seeds may lead to breast cancer.  It is better to take it in limited amount.

An excellent source of Anise Seed Nutrition Facts can help in curing the diseases in many ways.  The nutritional profile like mineral, potassium can be used for bone health and in cardiovascular disease.  These Health Benefits of Anise Seed are explained above with number of nutritional profile to get a healthy life.

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