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Health Benefits of Acai Berry and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Acai Berry

Acai Berry Nutrition Facts:

Health Benefits of acai berry and its Nutrition Facts health benefits of acai berry Health Benefits of Acai Berry and its Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of acai berry and its Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of acai berry

The acai berry is originally comes from Amazon jungle which is used to cure any type of diseases.  Although the acai berry has been around for 1000 of years, everyone started to realize the amazing benefits of acai berry and using it as firsthand.  The acai berry grows wild on top of palm trees.  Acai berry palm tree produces about 20kg of fruits per year. Acai berry is a excellent source of dietary fiber.  Acai berry is compared as 10 times of grapes and 2 times of blueberries.  And the wine produced by this fruit is becoming the most important local product.  Acai berry contains high amount of fat and omega oil that are proven to lower LDL.  The acai berry has 30 – 50 % of fatty acid.  It really helps in boosting up your energy and to lower the body cholesterol.  The acai berry nutrition facts and its uses are explained below.

Health Benefits of Acai Berry:

Here are some useful health benefits of acai berry that are provided to get an instant relief and that support in prevention of diseases.


Acai berry is rich in Vitamin C and simultaneously increases the immune system.  It suppress the growth of cancer by 56 – 86%.

1Digestive Upset:

Acai berry have a detoxification capacities in the human body and has a dietry fiber which can cure digestive problem as well as constipation.


Acai berry is rich in ellagic acid and it increases the level of energy and stamina.

1Heart Health:

Acai berry is rich in plant sterol that protects cardio in our body cells.  It helps in blood clots, increases immune systems.

1Mental Imbalance:

Acai berry can prevent the mental imbalance in menopausal women.  And it gives stamina to the body.

1Nervous System:

Acai Berry is high in fatty acid which is similar to olive oil that helps to promote healthy nervous system.

1Skin Disease:

Using acai oil in the hair is highly effective and is a great natural oil product alternative to chemical product.  It helps to get healthier and glowing skin.

1Weight Loss:

Acai berry helps not only in reducing weight; it mainly helps in maintain the healthy weight.  Taking acai berry juice helps in weight loss.

Acai Berry Cautions:

Even though acai berry have number of benefits, you will also need to take some precautions before using it.  Some of acai berry side effects are given below,


Taking acai berry leads to allergies includes nausea, head ache, rashes and head ache.  It is better to ask your doctor before using this product.

1Free Trials:

Beware of free trials of acai berry which may turn out to be swam.

1Kidney Disease:

Acai berry is high in amino acids that you shouldn’t take it if you have kidney / liver diseases.

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